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Affiliate Program - Top Five Ranking For Internet Affiliate Programs! affiliates earn a generous 50% commission on every sale
generated through our Clickbank Affiliate Program. 
Plus you can earn Bonus Payments... See our Affiliate Bonus Program Below.
We are ranked in the top five on the internet!

It would not be too difficult to make 5 or 10 sales per day!
5 per day is equivalent to $2250 per month! Or $27,000 per year!
10 per day is equivalent to $4500 per month! Or $54,000 per year!
(this sample does not guarantee you will earn these amounts)

Because our membership is so inexpensive

It is easy to make sales!
We Split Our Profit With You 50/50

Our Affiliate Program is 100% FREE to join!
No registration fees, monthly quotas, etc.
Your commissions will be transmitted to your account IN REAL TIME.
All you need to do is open your FREE account with Clickbank, then set up your link as
shown below and start advertising your link.
You will get your check every week from Clickbank.

Easy Set Up!Setting up your affiliate account!
Fast and Easy! If you already have a Clickbank account
just create your unique link below.
Get Your Clickbank Nickname Here: If you do not have a clickbank account
Click Here This only takes five minutes to sign up! Then fill in the form below.

If you are already a Clickbank member, create your link here!

To get your reseller link code enter your ClickBank nickname below and click the button.

Your ClickBank nickname:

Here's your affiliate url: Just advertise this link and you will earn 50% commissions on every sale! Commissions are automatically tracked through your link ensuring proper credit.
Checks are sent every week.

Your referral link

Your referral link written in HTML

Anytime someone clicks on your link and they order a membership from us your
account will show that you just made a sale! Instant notification of
the money you are earning from promoting our service!
Every week, Clickbank will mail you a commission check!

Do you live outside the United States?
This reseller program is open to anybody living almost anywhere in the world,
so long as they have internet access. Clickbank will mail you a
check in US dollars for your commissions every week at the
address you indicate, or you can choose direct deposit directly to your bank account.
However, please understand that you are responsible
for paying your own taxes as defined in your own country.
Also if you purchase our program you can write it off your taxes as a business expense!


Each weekly pay period we award each affiliate with 6 or more
memberships referred for the weekly pay period
(must have a minimum of 6 sold verified to qualify)

Refer 6 or More: $25.00 CASH!
Refer 12 or More: $50.00 CASH!
Refer 24 or More: $100.00 CASH!

When 40 or more people that you refer, sign up within
a given pay period, we will double the prize... That's...

Refer 40 or More: $200.00 CASH!
Plus we'll add another $50.00 Cash for every 10 additional sign ups!
Refer 50 or More: $250.00 CASH!
Refer 60 or More: $300.00 CASH!
Refer 70 or More: $350.00 CASH!
etc... etc... etc...

This is all in addition to your 50% commission!

Be A Happy Reseller!Enter to participate in the affiliate bonus program - fill in the form and
click submit.  Winners will receive e-mail notification.   
Winners will be verified through clickbank.
The address you provide is where your check will be mailed.
Your Information will be used for this contest only
If You Do Not Include A Paypal Email Address, Your Bonus Will Be Mailed.

Your information will not be sold, traded, or given to anyone...ever!  

Your email address will not be added to any lists... You will only be contacted if you win!  
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Banners & Sample Ads

To use these banner ads, simply copy and paste the html code provided
for each banner into your web page(s).  Be sure to
enter your Clickbank Nickname above to generate the necessary
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AdWord Ads
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Pay per click ads you may use to advertise. You may use the ads as they are or change them anyway you see fit. Be sure to use your affiliate link as the "Destination URL".
Simply enter your Clickbank Nickname above to generate the necessary html code for all of the banner & text ad links. Click Here

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Email Newsletter

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